Keep Your Dating Life Healthy by Living Healthy

How Plexus Slim can change your appeal

One of the first things a woman notices, it doesn’t matter what anyone tells you, is your appearance. So if you want to land the girl, guess what….

You’ve gotta look good.

This doesn’t mean you just put a little gel in your hair and sport a new pair of shoes. You’re going to have to put a little effort into your physical appearance.

Yeah I know it sucks: exercising, eating right, and all of that stuff.

Trust me though you can get in good shape without having to dedicate your whole life to working out.

If you take the time now to lose a little weight and get into a better routine health-wise you’re going to thank yourself later on.

Plexus Slim AmbassadorAlright now that you’ve realized that you’re going to have to look good to get the girl, what’s next?

You’ve gotta come up with a plan…

If you’re like most guys and not willing to wake up at the crack of dawn every morning and jog 6 miles, then you’re going to have to find a shortcut to losing weight and being healthy.

Guess what, it’s 21st century and you can now be lazy and look good at the same time. The only drawback is that it might cost a little money now. Let’s face it though, it’s a lot easier to fork over a little cash than it is to be a “health nut”.

Here’s your answer:

Buy Some Plexus Slim

Yeah it sounds like a girl’s alternative to lose some weight, but there’s a lot of guys who are having luck with it too. Guess what though, it works. Plexus Slim cost a little money, but the results you are going to get are going to make it all worth it.

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Yeah I know what you’re thinking, “the drink is pink”. Come on though we all know how much women like the pink. To be honest it’s my favorite color for a couple of reasons.

Plexus Slim Results

Here’s the bottom line no matter what the color of the drink is, it gets results. This is what we’re looking for. If you want to cut some pounds and live healthier you can do it with Plexus Slim.

So how do you order Plexus Slim?

It’s pretty easy even though some would lead you to believe differently, just check out this website and you will find everything you need to know about buying Plexus Slim. Not only is there information about Plexus pricing you can actually make a little money with Plexus by becoming an ambassador.

This is really a great opportunity for any guy that wants to lose some weight and start living a healthier lifestyle. On top of feeling a little better about yourself, the ladies are gonna love your new physique.

This is what we’re all in it for as a single man anyways right. Just give it a shot. You’ll be surprised what a good body can do for your sex life.

Putting Women in the Right State of Mind

The Creature that is a Woman

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that women are completely different from us guys, especially when it comes to the bedroom. Guys are pretty cut and dry. There’s one way to for us to be pleased and it doesn’t take long to put us in the mood.

A woman on the other hand…

Now that’s another story. They have to be primed and put in the right mood before they are even thinking about sex. For us guys we are constantly ready to take her around the corner at work or pass the time in the car with a little road head. This is simply not the case for a woman.

They are actually the exact opposite. Women are not thinking about sex, their life is not a porn movie waiting to happen. This is why men have to pursue women. We are the ones thinking about it and they’re the ones with the ultimate prize. If you want to know how to pleasure a woman, you’re going to have to first know how to get her in the right state of mind.

Watch this video

You see it’s a process, but it definitely can be done. One of the best things to do is make subtle hints and let her swing the conversation and the mood in the right direction. You will be able to tell if she is in the right type of mood fairly quickly. If she is not receptive to the little hints you are dropping in here and there. Back off and try a different approach.

One of the best ways to steer the conversation in the right direction is to talk about someone else and something they have done to get her thinking about it. You might mention some crazy story you saw on television about a couple getting caught in public or better yet tell the story like you were there when it happened.

The first thing you must do is get her mind on the right track without being a total pervert. See if she is smiling or receptive to the idea and if she is, lay on a few compliments and let her know you’re interested and she will tell you how to get laid. Once she is thinking about sex, the rest will fall into place.